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Scaffold props powder coated props

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Model NO.: Scaffold props powder coated props54128
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Sem metalworks co., ltd Sem metalworks co., ltd
Sem metalworks co., ltd. is a leading manufacturer of steel and aluminum structure products and has 2 factories located in chenzhou, hunan province, and wuxi, jiangsu province, china. our factories have facilities covering a total area of 500, 000 square feet, including 230, 000 square feet of manufacturing area. we employ more than 400 employees, including 15 people of a management team, 10 engineers, 10 quality control talents, and more than 50 skilled welders. sem metalworks is an "american factory in chinese land." it utilizes the skilled and diligent workforce in mainland china at competitive cost and less expensive investment for the land and manufacturing facility at the industrial zone. while its infrastructure is in mainland china, sem adapts american management philosophies for its production efficiency, manufacturing process, and quality standards. american engineers and professional managers are hired as consultants and visit the facility frequently to ensure the compliance of these strict standards.

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