Eastern medikit ltd

Blood collection bag

Reference FOB Price
Model NO.: Blood collection bag68981
Packaging Qty: 10/100
Min. Order (MOQ): 500
Manufacure Name: Eastern medikit ltd
Customization: Customized Request

Company Info

Eastern medikit ltd Eastern medikit ltd
Medikit's product range includes:- i.v. catheters & safety i.v. catheters "mediflon/mediflon safety/kethin/neocan/aboval/enfancie" 3 way stopcock "mediflex" 3 way stopcock with extension tubing "mediflexo” evacuated blood collecting tubes "akuret" blood bags "medibag" blood transfusion set "medibob" i.v set "medidrip/medidrip alpha" central venous catheters "medicent/centum" spinal needle “medispine “ injection stoppers measured volume burette set "medivols" foleys catheters "mediease" respiratory exerciser "mediciser"

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