Shenzhen hongyejie

Addition cure liquid silicon rubber

Reference FOB Price
Model NO.: Addition cure liquid silicon rubber6433
Packaging Qty: Barreled
Manufacure Name: Shenzhen hongyejie
Customization: Customized Request

Company Info

Shenzhen hongyejie Shenzhen hongyejie
We are a manufacturer specializing in molding silicone rubber, mold duplicating rubber for resin craft makers, special silicon for manual molding, shoe mold rubber, pad printing silicone, encapsulants and potting compound,addition cure liquid silicone,baby nipple silicone rubber ,lifecasting, food grade silicone rubber, trademark silicone rubber, htv silicone rubber, lead-zinc alloy crafts silicone rubber, hot stamping silicone plate, hot stamping silicone roller, gross rubber, rtv-2 silicone

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