Japan apple fruit juice

Reference FOB Price
INR 0.6 (FOB Price)
1000 Piece (Min. Order)
Model NO.: 17
Min. Order (MOQ): 1000
Customization: Customized Request

Company Info

Japan-drinks Japan-drinks
Wide varieties of health drinks, energy drinks, beauty drinks, fruit juices. japan has the finest and one of the biggest variety of drinks in the world. the subtle flavours of japan drinks are amongst the best in the world (very tasty – natural – not too sweet). is a dedicated b2b business platform for japanese drinks to reach the world markets. we offer drinks from japan in three methods : 1. national brand (product offered to you exactly as sold inside japan) - no change in label or packaging. 2. national brand + client label : the formulation remains same but client can put their own brand label. 3. full japan oem manufacturing solutions • new product development consulting (incl. labeling, design, product image, etc.) • regulatory support. • japan market consulting and agency services.

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Sales and marketing executive. Aasha

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Sales and marketing executive. Aasha

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