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Understanding Four Different Types of Car Lights and Their Purpose!

The lights in the vehicle form a significant part of it. Without them, no vehicle can run smoothly and efficiently on the road. Each car light has its significance and application. The manufacturers and suppliers of car lights in India manufacture them in a variety to fulfill the purpose. However, it is also essential to understand the application of various lights to maintain and manage safety or security while driving. Let us understand the four types of car lights and their uses and purpose.

Various Car Lights and Their Uses

Several types of lights are available in the vehicle, each with its application. Let us shed some light here on the various kinds of car lights and their uses below:

  1. Fog Lights: As the name indicates, the Fog Lights find their utility during foggy days or during the snow. They help in providing good visibility during the fog. Usually, these are round and are located below the headlight assemblies. Generally, most cars have halogen bulbs as the fog lights. But, in some vehicles, there are LED lights also. If your car does not have fog lights, you may install them later as an accessory.
  2. Taillights: The Taillights manufactured by automotive light manufacturers in India are on the car’s back. Their purpose is to light up the back area at night so that the other vehicle behind can have the visibility of your car. The Taillights are turned on or off at the same time as the headlights. Thus, whether the headlights are turned on or off manually or automatically, the Taillights illuminate and enlighten the area both ways.
  3. Parking Lights: As the name signifies, the Parking Lights are used when parking the vehicle. These may be utilized as part of the headlights or as independent units. These lights are generally not bright as the headlights, but they provide enough indication.
  4. Hazard Lights: The Hazard Lights are also recognized by other names as hazard warning lights or flashers. The signal lights may also be used as the hazard lights. These lights warn the other drivers of hazardous situations like traffic problems or other distress. On activating the hazard warning switch, the four turn signals light or flash. These should not be used when temporarily parking.

Other than the car lights mentioned above, there are also other types of car lights. These are Daytime driving lights, Backup lights, Stop Lights, Direction-signal lights, and many others. Understanding and acquiring knowledge about each type of car light manufactured by the automotive car lighting companies in India is crucial for safe driving. Hope our guide on the various types of car lights and their purpose and uses is beneficial!