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Four Types of Traditional Embroidery in India to Brighten Your Attire!

Looking to accentuate or deepen the appeal and feel of your attire? Then, why not decorate it with several traditional Indian embroideries? Embroidery uses needles, threads and other things like pearls, beads etc., to make the garment attractive. The garment manufacturers in India use several kinds of embroidery to refine the entire clothing look. The designers and various clothing brands in India also sell different kinds of stylish embroidered apparel. So, now you may wonder what are the various traditional embroideries, then our complete guide will help you.

Indian Traditional Embroideries and Their Types

Several regional embroidery designs and styles also exist that showcase the Indian tradition. Now, without any delay, let us provide here the count of the types of traditional embroideries in India:

  1. Chikankari: Chikankari is the most famous embroidery among women in India. It was originated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Initially, there was only white threadwork on the white fabric. However, today, various colors and designs are available to stay ahead in fashion and style. The manufacturers of embroidered garments design and create Chikankari garments in various fabrics. These are georgette, cotton, chiffon, etc. The clothing with Chikankari work is suitable to be worn daily or occasionally.
  2. Phulkari: Phulkari, the other popular embroidery among women, originated in Punjab, India. In this embroidery, the cloth is covered with brightly colored designs. Mostly there are geometric designs and patterns. The embroidered clothing manufacturers and suppliers design and make garments in Phulkari using various fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, etc. The Phulkari clothing in India can be worn at various festivals and ceremonies.
  3. Zardozi or Zari: This embroidery form has existed since the Mughal era. It includes using metallic threads embroidered on various fabrics like velvet, silk, etc. This embroidery is used on sarees, dupattas, salwar suits and many other Indian apparels for women. It adds to the element of traditional style along with confidence and luxury.
  4. Mirror Work: This is a very popular embroidery in India. It includes the usage of mirrors along with threadwork to enhance the garment’s appeal. This embroidery has been making its mark in the Indian garment and accessories industry. These days, it is done on handbags and Indo-western clothing also. The mirror-work dupattas are also very much popular nowadays.

We have provided you with a glimpse of certain traditional Indian embroideries. There are other kinds of embroideries also, such as Aari Work, Kantha, Gota, Toda, Banjara, and many others. So, find your best style! Choose the perfect embroidered garment designed by the Indian embroidered garments companies!