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Fabrics: Five Types of Fabrics, Their Features and Amazing Uses!

A myriad of fabrics exists in the fabrics market in India, but we may know about a few fabrics. Also, each fabric has a distinguished application. The manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics in India have been manufacturing them using several methods and procedures. The quality guidelines and norms have also been kept in mind. The growth in the fabrics production in India has also offered employment to various people. However, some famous and common fabrics are cotton, silk, etc. Now, let us elaborate on each type of fabric as follows:

Type of Fabrics: Elaborating Their Traits and Applications

  1. Cotton: Cotton is the most common and popular fabric in India and the globe. Cotton is considered the staple fiber, and varying and different lengths of fibers compose it. The manufacturers and exporters of cotton fabric in India made it using the cotton plants’ natural fibers. Cotton has applications like it is used to produce several garments and home décor items like bed sheets. The several designs and patterns available are cotton solids and cotton prints.
  2. Georgette: Georgette is another common and famous fabric in India. It is used to manufacture various dresses and apparel, particularly women’s dresses. The manufacturers and suppliers of georgette manufacture it using synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon and viscose. Sometimes it is also manufactured using pure silk. It has a firm weave and is not as sheer as a crepe. It is light in weight and comes in floral designs and patterns.
  3. Linen: Linen is another popular fabric that is light in weight. The manufacturers and exporters of linen manufacture it from the flax plant. It’s superbly breathable and absorbent; hence is perfect for summer clothing. There are various applications of linen fabric, such as it is used in manufacturing towels, bedsheets, napkins, tablecloths and many others.
  4. Silk: Thinking of the most luxurious, soft and elegant fabric? Here comes the Silk. The silk manufacturers in India produce it from an insect known as the silkworm. Silk is considered a natural fiber and is recognized for its softness and great appeal. Silk has many applications. It is used in making upholstery, sarees, dresses, bedsheets, formal attire and many more.
  5. Velvet: Last but not least! Velvet is another fabric that is quite common among the masses. It is a dense fabric popular for its luxurious and soft appeal. Short pile fibers characterize it. Velvet also has many applications. It is used to manufacture evening-wear dresses and apparel for special events. It is also used to manufacture curtains, and sofa covers and other home décor items.

As the fabrics mentioned above, several other kinds of fabric are also manufactured by the manufacturers of fabrics in India. These are Viscose, Tweed, Twill, Taffeta, Spandex, Suede, Muslin, Modal, Polyester, Merino Wool, Organza, Crepe etc. Some fabrics have become a craze among people in developing times. Different fabrics have distinguished applications. However, every fabric has its style and feel. So, choose your own accordingly!