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Five Different Types of Gears and Their Applications

The gears of the machines are considered as the toothed parts with many applications. The gear manufacturers and suppliers in India manufacture various types of gear depending on the position of the axe. These may be Internal Gear, Bevel Gear, Helical Gear, and many others. So, let us now shed light on some types of gears to make you acquire knowledge about the same. Please stay on the page.

Various Types of Gears

Following are the five types of gears that have multiple applications and advantages:

  1. Internal Gears: In Internal Gears, teeth are cut on the inside of the cones or cylinders. These are coupled with external gears. These gears find applications in the shaft couplings. However, one disadvantage in the terms is that there may be a difference between the number of internal and external gears. It may happen due to trimming issues and other interference like involute and trochoid.
  2. Bevel Gears: The Bevel Gears have their appearance like cones. These are used to shift force between one and the other shafts. In these gears, the teeth are cut along the cone. The bevel gears manufacturers and exporters in India manufacture them in various types such as helical bevel, angular bevel, straight bevel, zero bevel, and many others.
  3. Helical Gears: The Helical Gears are cylindrical. These offer less noise and hence are suitable for high-speed applications. These gears find applications in transferring heavier weights and for excellent tooth meshing. There are two types of Helical Gears: left-hand twist and right-hand twist. The manufacturers of the Helical Gears also manufacture the Double Helical Gears.
  4. Gear Rack: The Gear Rack is the set of consistently formed teeth evenly placed along a straight rod. It helps convert rotational motion into linear motion when meshes with the cylindrical gear pinion. Two gear racks are available: helical tooth racks and straight mouth racks.
  5. Mitre Gears: The Mitre Gears are sharp gears with one-speed ratio. The gears manufacturing companies in India manufacture the mitre gears as straight and spiral mitre gears. If the mite gear has a shaft angle other than 90 degrees, these are considered the angular mitre gears.

We have mentioned here the five types of gear. Other gears, such as Spur Gears, Screw Gears, Worm Gears, and many others, are also manufactured and supplied by the gears manufacturers in India. We hope you have gone through the above information and found it helpful!