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Three Types, Features and Uses of Automobile Lubricants

Lubricants play a crucial and significant role in the smooth functioning of vehicles. They help in reducing friction and prevent breakdown and corrosion. They also act as the seal and protect the automobile parts from contaminants. The manufacturers and suppliers of automobile lubricants in India manufacture various types of lubricants. These are Engine Oil, Greases, Brake Fluids, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, and many more. Each automotive lubricant has its advantage and application. Let us explain here the features and uses of automobile lubricants.

Automobile Lubricants and Their Types and Traits

The lubricants are generally solid, plastic, oil-based, or amalgamating all. They are crucial in the smooth operations of the engine and other automobile parts. Please find below the three types of lubricants used in the automobile industry:

  1. Engine Oil: Engine Oil is the most common type of automotive lubricant. It ensures the graceful and subtle functioning of the engine. It is helpful in the reduction of friction among the parts that move. The forte is that it maintains the viscosity generally even at the most temperatures. The Engine Oil maintains the life of the engine components because of the presence of several additives. These are detergents, anti-wear additives, dispersants, etc. The Motor Oil keeps the engine away from varnish and sludge.
  2. Greases: The Greases are thickened than the automotive oils. These are manufactured by grease manufacturers and suppliers in India usually by using synthetic or petroleum products. The greases are perfect for lubricating linkages, gears, and bearings because of their thickness. These days synthetic greases are also made of silicone, which has been gaining wide acceptance.
  3. Gear Oil: Gear Oil is usually used for manual transmissions and extreme-pressure movements. The engine oil needs to be changed frequently. However, there is less need to change the gear oil frequently.

Other types of lubricants are also used in the automobile industry. These are dry lubricants, penetration lubricants, etc. The lubricant manufacturers and exporters in India manufacture the dry lubricants by using liquids like water and dry lubricating particles. Understanding the various types of automotive lubricants is essential to make your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently. It's also crucial to acquire knowledge about their applications, traits, or features to make an informed decision. You may also reach out to your nearby service center or look at the manual to understand more!