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Men’s Ethnic Wear: Types of Traditional Clothing and Accessories for Men in India

Festivals, ceremonies and so many events! India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions and festivals. And all these events inspire Indian men to wear traditional outfits. However, there is a huge variety of Indian wear for men in India. The manufacturers and suppliers of men’s ethnic wear in India create a massive range. So, is there a wedding in your family, and you are browsing for traditional wear? We will be acquainting you with the various types so that you may be able to make an informed decision.

Types of Indian Ethnic Wear for Men

The variety is huge in this segment, and you may choose from the following types:

  1. Sherwani: When looking for the rich, classic and pure traditional style, the first thing to mention is the Sherwani! It accompanies the high-neck collar and stylish buttons. The men in India usually wear it with dhotis or churidars. The manufacturers of men’s traditional clothing made it using various kinds of fabrics like brocade, silk, and rich cotton. Several types of Sherwanis are Asymmetric Sherwani, Classic Sherwani, Indo-Western Sherwani and Jacket Sherwani.
  2. Kurtas: The kurtas are the most popular ethnic wear among men in India, and they may not go out of fashion and trend. These are created using multiple fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, brocade, etc. The Kurtas are also available in various neck styles like Chinese, simple, and V-neck collars. Some people also prefer to have embroidery over the neck. There is also a trend toward wearing a kurta with jeans for casual events.
  3. Pajamas: The pairing of Kurta and Pajamas is the best. Indian men wear it during festivals, ceremonies, events or even office parties during the festivals. Create your stylish look by pairing it with Sherwanis of different styles.

Types of Traditional and Ethnic Accessories for Men in India

The traditional and ethnic accessories for men in India can be mentioned below:

  1. Turbans or Pagri: Since ancient times, the most common traditional accessory for men in India is the turban, also known as Pagri. It enhances and deepens the entire look and personality. The manufacturers and suppliers of men’s ethnic wear manufacture it using various fabrics like silk, cotton, and brocade. These are also available in multiple styles and patterns.
  2. Jootis: Jootis, or the traditional shoes for men in India, complete the entire look. The jootis can be plain, embroidered or embellished. So, pair them with the kurta-pajama or sherwani and accentuate your traditional style.

The Kurta-Pajama is the most popular outfit, but Sherwani has also made its mark. Other varieties are also manufactured by men’s ethnic wear manufacturers and exporters in India. So, from the list above, you may choose your traditional style for that complete look!