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Ribbons: Four Types of Ribbons, Their Unique Features and Applications!

Looking to gift your loved one an adorable present? And, need something to make it more attractive? Here comes the need for the ribbons! Our clothes, home décor, gifts for various purposes and events require ribbons as embellishments. The manufacturers and suppliers of ribbons in India manufacture them in several fabrics. These are velvet, cotton, satin, silk, organza, and many others. It makes the availability of ribbons in India in various designs and styles. Now, we will detail the four types of ribbons and their unique features and applications.

Types of Ribbons and Their Benefits

Do you want to add more class and elegance to your attire? Are you looking to make your gift packaging luxurious and mesmerizing? Do you seek to bring more charm and appeal to your home décor? Choosing ribbons as per the requirement will help! Please go through below to understand the various type of ribbons manufactured by the ribbons manufacturers and exporters in India:

  1. Silk Ribbons: Silk ribbons are excellent for providing luxurious, silky and smooth touch to any item. These are usually hand-made ribbons. They are versatile and have many applications. They can be used for wrapping up gifts, clothing, ladies’ headbands, decoration, and many others. These can also be customized and availed per the specific needs and requirements.
  2. Velvet Ribbons: Velvet Ribbons are other ribbons that are smooth and velvety to touch. The ribbons manufacturing companies in India manufacture them using chenille and velvet fabric. These ribbons have multiple applications, particularly in winter clothing, shoes, hats, etc. These are also used in women's hair accessories, gift packaging, women’s clothing like skirts, etc.
  3. Satin Ribbons: Satin Ribbons are the most common ones that find multiple applications. These ribbons are silky smooth from one side. These are used for gift-wrapping purposes. Also, they find their utility in ladies’ garments, bottom wear, and innerwear. Due to their advantages, they are very much famous among their audience.
  4. Organza Ribbons: Organza Ribbons are transparent ribbons manufactured by ribbons manufacturers and suppliers in India. These are designed in various colors and designs. These ribbons offer a luxurious feel and appeal. They find applications in clothing, especially women’s attire, home décor and gift packaging purposes. However, the other utilities are – handbags, clothing accessories, souvenirs etc.

Ribbons are recognized as an incredible decoration element in the clothing industry in India. The other types of ribbons manufactured by the ribbons manufacturers in India are Cotton Ribbons, Elastic Ribbons, Twill Ribbons, Metallic Ribbons, Lace Ribbons, and much more. So, determine your purpose and find the right one per your needs and requirements!