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Neckties: A Guide on the Types of Men’s Ties to Amp Up the Style!

Ready for the formal or the professional event? Or, is there a wedding or reception ceremony in the family? Yes, it’s not complete without the tie. A suitable tie with the perfect style can make your event and fill you with confidence. It also shows that you put in much effort to deepen your look and style statement. The manufacturers and suppliers of ties in India have been manufacturing ties of various kinds. It helps meet the demands of the necktie industry in India. So, if you want to acquire knowledge about the various kinds of neckties in men’s fashion and style, then our guide on the same will help you.

Types of Ties for Men

The necktie industry has been flourishing in India. The manufacturers of ties have been manufacturing plenty of ties to bring style and confidence into the lives of the masses. Let us give you an idea about the types of men’s ties below:

  1. Necktie: The necktie or the classic necktie is the most common and famous type of men’s tie globally. It’s suitable for formal as well as personal ceremonies and events. Several types of neckties are available such as Patterned Necktie, Solid Necktie and many more.
  2. Bolo Tie: Bolo Ties are unique and distinguished. However, they cannot be worn in professional settings. These ties have been becoming a craze among the youth. The Bolo Tie is quite popular in pop culture.
  3. Bowtie: Your formal or professional event is incomplete without the bowtie. The bowtie is perfect to wear with a tuxedo or three-piece suit. Manufacturers of ties in India manufacture several types of ties.
  4. Neckerchief: Deepen and enhance your everyday style and look with the help of a neckerchief. It can prove to complement your trendy and cool OOTD.
  5. Cravat: The Cravat is worn at the reception ceremony, wedding and other such events. It provides luxury, elegance and style. You may wear a cravat with the dress shirt or velvet jacket, or personalize your style.

The ties prove to be your style statement and boost your confidence. Wearing a tie also helps accentuate the complete persona. Various types of ties are available. The manufacturers and exporters of neckties in India have been manufacturing them to reach global buyers. So, need not wait! Choose your style of tie and amp up your fashion and style game!