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The Four Signs of Piston Damage that Need Your Attention!

Pistons are the most significant parts of the engine. Automotive piston manufacturers in India manufacture several kinds of pistons. When damage happens to the piston, the engine has to suffer. It may mean that various reasons lead to the faulty working of the piston. However, how may you find that the piston is not working efficiently? The piston rings show various signs and symptoms when they are not working properly. We will focus on these signs and symptoms of piston damage that should never be ignored.

Symptoms of Piston Damage and Failure

The first and foremost sign that shows up when the piston is not working appropriately is the triggering of the dashboard light. However, there may be other signs also. Please stay tuned to learn more about the signs below:

  1. Engine Becomes Noisy: There is a noise from the engine when the piston shows failure symptoms. This condition happens when the piston’s outer boundary slides with the inner wall of the cylinder. The friction also becomes more when the piston shape is changed. It creates an impact on the wall of the cylinder and the attached rods.
  2. Reduced Engine Power: The piston damage also decreases and harms the engine power. The oil and fuel leakage are avoided because the piston and cylinder walls are tightly sealed. When the piston failure happens, the shape of the piston changes. It affects the sealed space between the piston and the cylinder. Hence, the friction increases, and the seeping of the oil happens. It leads to reduced and decreased acceleration, engine power, and pick-up. The piston damage also affects the compression ratio.
  3. Increased Consumption of Oil: The piston manufacturing companies manufacture the piston as durable and for the smooth working of the engine. However, it may get damaged sometimes. When the piston is damaged, it leads to excessive and additional oil consumption. There is a seepage of the oil in the consumption chamber when the piston cracks. Because of it, the other engine parts are not lubricated adequately. It results in more friction and lesser oil. Several symptoms are car overheating, lower oil levels, etc.
  4. Colored Smoke from Exhaust: The piston damage also leads to the colored smoke from the exhaust. When there is a piston failure and an oil leakage in the combustion chamber, it leads to the colored smoke emerging with a burning oil smell.

Various reasons lead to the wrong working of the piston, such as detonation, incorrect valve timing, and inappropriate engine oil. The piston manufacturers and suppliers in India manufacture the piston using aluminum alloy. It helps in increasing its durability. However, the various signs and symptoms of piston failure should be noticed and repaired for the smooth and subtle working of the engine.