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Sarees: Five Types of Sarees in India for an Elegant Look!

Do you love wearing sarees to accentuate grace and elegance in you? Sarees from India are the epitome of grace, sophistication and traditional style. Wearing a saree makes the women feel special and graceful. The saree is a must-apparel in the wardrobe of Indian women. The manufacturers and suppliers of sarees in India design different types of sarees. Each saree has different traits, characteristic features, and a story to tell. Now, let us elaborate on five types of Sarees in India to make you comfortable choosing or matching your style and persona.

Types of Sarees from India

Let us count here the five types of sarees from India:

  1. Banarasi Sarees: Banarasi Sarees are traditional Indian sarees. These sarees hail from Varanasi, India. The saree manufacturers and exporters in India design and manufacture the Banarasi Sarees using silk as a fabric. These sarees are heavily priced and give a luxurious feel. Women wear it on special occasions like festivals, traditional ceremonies and weddings.
  2. Kanjivaram Sarees: The Kanjivaram Sarees are also recognized by the other name – Kanchipuram Sarees. These sarees are highly desired sarees by women in India. They are crafted and designed in the Kanchipuram town of Tamil Nadu, India. These sarees offer a luxurious feel as they are designed using real mulberry silk. The zari work gives them the most elegant and graceful look or feel. The Indian saree manufacturers create them in multiple designs and colors.
  3. Chanderi Sarees: The Chanderi Sarees are another popular saree in India. It originated from Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi town. These Indian sarees are designed using the amalgamation of cotton and silk. The Chanderi Saree is a versatile saree for each occasion.
  4. Bandhani Sarees: The Bandhani Sarees are traditional Indian sarees from Gujarat, India. They are also recognized as the Bandhej Sarees. These are available in various colors, designs and patterns. Bandhani Sarees are known to show the rich Indian heritage and culture. Indian women wear these sarees on special occasions, ceremonies and festivals.
  5. Patola Sarees: Originated from Gujarat, India, the Patola sarees are also a craze among Indian women. These sarees are prominently recognized for their elegance, hues and patterns. India's manufacturers and exporters create sarees by utilizing the double ikat technique. The silk fabric is used to make and design these sarees. Patola sarees are also considered among India's most expensive and highly-priced.

We have provided here a sneak peek of some Indian sarees. Various other types of sarees also exist. These are Muga Sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Bomkai Sarees, Sambalpuri Sarees, and many others. There is a kind of saree for every woman to make them feel special. The saree manufacturing companies manufacture them by considering the latest trends and styles. So, need not wait! Find your style and choose the best one!