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Yarns and Threads

Yarn Vs. Thread: Their Types and Difference Between Yarn and Thread

Yarn or Thread? Your mind may have many queries concerning their uses as per the particular project and application. What is required for sewing? What is required for knitting? Are threads and yarns the same? So, we will acquaint you with the distinguished traits between them. We will also make you learn about their various types. The manufacturers and suppliers of yarns in India have been manufacturing various types using quality materials. Thus, this industry has also flourished to a brilliant extent in India.

What is Thread? – Types of Thread

Have you ever wondered how our apparel has such beautiful and amazing embroidery? Yes! It happens with the help of a thread! The thread is used for the embroidery and sewing. The thread is a thin, long strand of nylon, cotton, or other fibers. The manufacturers of threads in India manufacture several types of threads for a myriad of applications. Various types of threads are:

  1. Sewing Thread: The Sewing Thread is utilized for sewing purposes, which are thinner and lighter than yarn. You may find many colors of sewing threads; even metallic threads are also available.
  2. Embroidery Thread: The Embroidery Thread is used for embroidery and cross stitch. It is thinner than the yarn.
  3. Crochet Thread: Crochet Thread is usually thicker than Sewing Thread and is utilized to make household articles. It is best suited for crochet applications and projects.

What is Yarn? - Types of Yarn

Yarn is used for knitting, sewing and weaving. These are the continuous strands made up of twisted synthetic or natural fibers. They possess much more thickness than the threads. The yarn manufacturers in India produce the yarn in multiple colors, fibers and thicknesses. It helps meet the growing needs of the yarn industry in India. Following are the types of Yarns:

  1. Spun Yarns: The Spun Yarn is usually made using long or short staple fibers. These yarns generally possess uniformity and strength.
  2. Filament Yarns: The Filament Yarn is usually textured or flat. The fabrics manufactured using filament yarns are fine and possess marvelous strength.
  3. Metallic Yarns: Metallic Yarn is counted among the fancy yarns. This yarn has metallic fiber put together to the blend.

We have given you a glimpse of the distinguished features of yarns and threads manufactured by manufacturers and exporters of threads in India. However, there are other varieties also. Though both have different and distinguished purposes, choosing the right one is required for a particular project or application.