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Exploring The Four Different Kinds of Car Exhaust Systems in India

If you drive a car or are a car enthusiast, you might know about car exhaust systems. The car exhaust systems play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient running of the vehicle. It helps release fumes through the opening in the car’s body. The car exhaust systems manufacturing companies in India manufacture them in various kinds. Each car exhaust system comes with benefits, advantages, and applications. So, without any delay! Let us explain and detail the four types here to acquaint all the readers with the information on all.

Types of Car Exhaust Systems

Please go through the below to understand the following types of car exhaust systems manufactured in India:

  1. Inner Tube Exhaust System: The Inner Tube Exhaust System is also known by other names. These are “Single tube” or “Monotube.” The reason being it has only a single tube running through the complete length. This type of exhaust system in India offers excellent fuel efficiency and greater acceleration. It makes the heat release efficiently from the vehicle. It also offers reduced noise hence reducing noise pollution.
  2. Dual Rear Exit Exhaust System: The Dual Rear Exit Exhaust System has two pipes. These pipes extend out of the engine. The exhaust system consists of the pipes series. They release exhaust gases from the engine after moving through the catalytic converter.
  3. Dual-Side Exhaust Systems: As the name indicates, the dual-side exhaust system consists of two pipes. These pipes exit from the rear of the vehicle. With this exhaust system manufactured, there is less wastage of power. Thus, it offers brilliant fuel economy and better engine efficiency. However, additional components may require with this exhaust system. Thus, you may have to spend more on this exhaust system.
  4. High-Performance Exhaust Systems: High-performance exhausts utilize high-grade materials. They also offer higher and greater power output. There are sometimes even turbochargers installed on them.

In conclusion, other than these four, there are two other types of exhaust systems manufactured by exhaust systems manufacturing companies in India. These are Opposite Dual Exhaust and Single Exit Pipe. So, we hope you may have gone through all the kinds mentioned earlier about car exhaust systems in India.