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Four Different Types of Chain Drives and Their Applications!

The advancements and technological modernization have led to the prominent growth of the Automobile Industry in India. The manufacturers and suppliers of automobile fittings in India have been manufacturing the components to fulfill the growing needs of the automobile sector. The chain drives are primarily used to shift power to the wheels. They find applications in vehicles like motorcycles, bicycles, machinery, rolling mills, conveyors, etc. They are significant parts of the machinery that has lifting and moving operations. The chain drives are versatile, adaptable, and cost-effective. Let us explain here the four different types of chain drives.

Chain Drives: Their Types and Uses

There are several chain drives manufactured by chain drives manufacturing companies in India. Let us mention and detail here the four kinds below:

  1. Roller Chain: The Roller Chain is the most common type of chain drive. It finds applications for mechanical power transmission. It is used in household machinery, agriculture machinery, and industrial machinery. The Roller Chain is also best suited for conveyors, motorcycles, and bicycles. It consists of the small cylindrical roller series held by the side links.
  2. Leaf Chains: Leaf Chains are used for lifting purposes, not power transmission. The leaf chains are not forged with the help of the sprockets. These are usually used to lift and transfer large and heavy loads. Thus, there is a need for high-yield strength. Their primary application is on the lift trucks.
  3. Silent Chains: Silent Chains are also referred to as inverted tooth chains. The Silent Chains comprise the flat link plates in vertical rows. There are one or more pins at every chain joint. And the links are connected with the help of these pins. The silent chain manufacturers also manufacture the standard silent chain that finds a variety of applications. There are high-performance silent chains are also available. These are used in industrial applications where no noise and smoothness, or grace are required.
  4. Flat-top Chains: Flat-top chains are best suited for conveyors. Rather on the special kinds of slate conveyors. The pins make a joint in the Falt-top chains by inserting them through the barrel. Here, the continuous long chain of the flat top chains is created. However, the purpose of the flat-top chains is to be used in the conveyor only. In addition, the Engineering Steel chains find their applications for difficult conveying applications.

Chain drives are used in vehicles and other industrial applications. The chain drives manufacturing companies manufacture them to fulfill the purpose of lifting, conveying, and mechanical power transmission. We have provided information about the chain drives, their types, and their applications. Hope this helps in acquiring knowledge about them!