Brakes & Braking Systems

Brakes and Braking System: Four Types of Brakes in Cars

Brakes in any kind of vehicle, like cars or bikes, are essential. We cannot imagine any vehicle without the brakes and braking system. Our safety and security entirely depend upon the right type of brake and its proper functionality. Various automobile parts manufacturers and suppliers in India manufacture several automobile brakes. Brakes have undergone a major transformation, and many sophisticated and highly practical brakes have been created. Now, let us elaborate on the various types to help you gain an understanding of them.

Types of Car Brakes

No vehicle is possible without the brake, whether a luxury or sports car. So, it’s always best to have an understanding of the types of brakes manufactured by the automobile parts manufacturing companies in India, which we are detailing below:

  1. Disc Brakes: The major braking system in most vehicles is the Hydraulic Braking System. Disc brakes are considered hydraulic brakes, the most preferred braking system these days. These brakes are easier and more convenient to clean and manage. These brakes can significantly deal with the heat and produce more and better stopping power. The brake rotor is the primary part attached to the wheel directly.
  2. Drum Brakes: Drum Brakes originated in 1900 and were initially mechanical in design. However, these brakes were later adapted to the much-used hydraulic system. These days drum brakes are found less on vehicles and have been replaced with disc brakes.
  3. Anti-Lock Brakes: Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) are other types of Hydraulic Braking Systems. These brakes are required during emergency or slippery and wet situations. The electronic sensors in the ABS brake systems sense when the wheels will lock up. The ABS brakes also prevent the wheels from skidding. These types of brakes are found in most of the latest vehicles.
  4. Parking Brakes: The Parking Brakes are also recognized by other names like Emergency Brakes or Hand Brakes. It is free from the hydraulic braking system and works mechanically by locking up the rear wheels. This brake is highly used these days for safe parking. Though the Parking Brakes usually help park the vehicle safely but they even help during emergencies.

We have provided a glimpse of four types of brakes manufactured by manufacturers and suppliers of car parts in India. There exist the Regenerative Brakes also. We hope you have gone through all the types and our information has helped you!