Chemicals & Fertilizers

The Chemicals and Fertilizers industry has been proliferating in India and has become one of the vital ingredients of industrial growth nationwide. It has also led to the growth and development of Chemicals and Fertilizers Manufacturers in India. This industry has been the foundation for several industries such as Agriculture, Textile, Paint, Varnish, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Detergents, Soap, and various other industrial segments. Moreover, the Chemicals and Fertilizers industry also plays a significant role in the nation's Agriculture and Industrial development and growth. Trade BRIO, the Best B2B Trade Portal in India, offers traders, suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters the platform in this fast-growing industry. It helps buyers find their suitable business match as it helps connect buyers with the sellers. In this industry, the best manufacturers are listed in several categories on Trade BRIO. Some categories are – Agro Chemicals, Corrosion Protection Materials, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Chemical Supplies, Natural Color Dyes, Solvents, Industrial Chemicals, Printing Oils, Fine Chemicals, and Chemical Reagents. Trade BRIO also ends your search for the leading and renowned Petrochemical and Petroleum Products Manufacturers in India. The Chemical Industry in India has become an indispensable part of the nation's industrial growth. It has arrived a long way and has been contributing to the nation's development. Did you know that this industry's volume is equal to around 7% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the nation, and its contribution to the Total Industry Output is highly significant? Trade BRIO has also been working thoroughly to advance this industry by boosting and enhancing the business growth of Fertilizers Manufacturing Companies in India. There are two types of Fertilizers – Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers. Organic Fertilizers are safe, help improve soil quality and retention of soil moisture, and do not harm crops and plants. Examples of Organic Fertilizers in India are manure, seaweed, worm castings, slurry, etc. Inorganic Fertilizers are Chemical Fertilizers extracted from the compounds such as Ammonium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, and Ammonium Nitrate. Examples of the Inorganic Fertilizers utilized in India are - Mined Rock Phosphate, Limestone, and many others. Various other products manufacturers and exporters listed on Trade BRIO under this category are, Pesticides and Insecticides, Glue, Gelatin, Leather Chemicals, Gum and Gum Products, and much more. So, submit your query on Trade BRIO if you are looking for the Best Chemicals and Fertilizers Suppliers in India and fulfil your business needs and requirements.