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Buttons: Five Different Types of Buttons Used in the Garments!

Oh! A massive selection is available for buttons! The buttons may be categorized as per the shapes or the material used. So, is it a challenging task to choose the right one from the huge range? Buttons are usually considered decorative accessories that help fasten the garment. The manufacturers and suppliers of buttons in India manufacture them in various shapes and designs. They also design them by using several materials. So, if you want to know about the different types of buttons used in garments, our complete guide will help you!

Various Types of Buttons

Let us provide here a sneak peek of the various types of buttons manufactured by the manufacturers of buttons in India to brighten your attire:

  1. Plastic Buttons: Plastic Buttons come at the top of the list. These flat buttons are created using ABS, polymer, nylon, acrylic, etc. Plastic buttons are the most common buttons that find their utility in shirts and coats. These buttons can be four-hole or two-hole and are available in multiple colors.
  2. Wooden Buttons: The wooden buttons are manufactured using wood as the material. These buttons find their utility usually in women’s apparel. The wooden button manufacturers in India manufacture them in various designs. These may be available in shapes like square, round, butterfly, heart, rectangular, flowers etc. The wooden buttons help accentuate the garment’s overall appeal.
  3. Metal Buttons: As the name indicates, these are made using Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy and Chrome Steel. These are usually oval or round and are available in dark colors. You may find the metal buttons in your favorite attire, jeans. These are also found in the trousers. These are also available as four-holes or two-holes.
  4. Pearl Buttons: The pearl buttons make the garment as precious as the pearls are! The pearl button manufacturing companies in India manufacture them in various shapes and sizes. These buttons find their applications in knitwear, cardigans, sweaters, handbags, etc. Thus, if you want to enhance the appeal of your garment, try using the pearl buttons.
  5. Fabric Buttons: The Fabric Buttons are usually plastic buttons wrap-up with the fabric. So, if you are looking for customized buttons as per your attire, the fabrics buttons are the best option. These can be personalized and are also available in various designs and styles.

As mentioned earlier, the types of buttons are based on the material used. The buttons manufacturers in India also manufacture buttons in various shapes. Thus, by shape, the buttons can be categorized as Flat Buttons, Stud Buttons, Shank Buttons, Decorative Buttons, Toggle Buttons, etc. So, determine your needs and requirements, then find the button to deepen your garment’s appeal!