Leather Products

The Leather and Leather Products Industry holds a prominent and leading place in the Indian Economy. Did you know that this sector is counted among the nation's top ten foreign exchange earners, and this segment is recognized for its high consistency in export earnings? In 2020-2021, the export of leather, leather products, and footwear from India was around US $3.68 billion. In addition, the Leather Industry also is employment-focused. This industry has provided jobs and employment to around four million people. As far as leather garments are concerned, then India is counted as their second largest exporter. So, if you are searching for the Best Leather Garments Manufacturers in India, Trade BRIO offers them the listing as a B2B platform. Trade BRIO is one of India's well-known and rapidly growing trade portals that has been offering the B2B marketplace to Leather and Leather Products Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders, Exporters, etc. It also bridges the gap between the manufacturers, sellers, and buyers of leather products. Primarily, in India, there are four leather sectors: Tanning, Leather Garments, Leather Footwear, and Leather Garments and Accessories. At Trade BRIO, renowned Leather Footwear Manufacturers can also be found that help businesses fulfill their business goals and objectives in this domain. Leather purses and wallets are in high demand. In this segment, at Trade BRIO, the manufacturers and sellers are listed in the categories of – Leather Wallets, Leather Cases, Leather Handbags, Leather Bags, Leather Purses, Leather Designer Bags, Leather Fashion Bags, Leather Ladies' Bags, Leather Ladies' Evening Bags, Leather Beaded Bags, Leather Executive Bags, and many more. Therefore, for a more refined search, you can reach Trade BRIO and search for the Best Leather Fashion Bags Manufacturers and Exporters here. At Trade BRIO, the buyers can also locate the manufacturers, dealers, exporters, and sellers of PVC Synthetic Leather, Embossed PVC Leather, Synthetic Leather, PU Synthetic Leather, Western Leather, Fur Leather, PVC Leather, and much more. The leather produced and manufactured by the manufacturers and producers in this category is of premium quality, massive strength, and possesses long-lasting properties. The PVC vacuum sponge lather finds utility in automobile upholstery, furniture, luggage, etc. So, Trade BRIO can be a unique and helpful platform where the search for buyers for PU/PVC Synthetic Leather Manufacturers is also fulfilled.