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Bridal Wear: Four Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Dress in India!

Ready for your big day? Your Wedding! The wedding is a glorious moment for everyone. In India, it is one of the most fabulous moments that consists of delicious delicacies and a massive gathering. Choosing bridal wear in India is also a major factor, as everyone’s high expectations are attached to it. Everyone wants to see the bridal wear. Nowadays, the trend has changed. The manufacturers and suppliers of bridal wear in India have been producing a large and stylish range of bridal outfits like lehengas. Various colors and styles are available. Let us shed some light on four things to consider when choosing your wedding dress in India.

What to Look for When Choosing the Indian Bridal Wear?

Some of the factors are:

  1. Right Fabric: The fabric plays a significant role when choosing a bridal outfit in India. A myriad of fabrics exists, and each has its distinguished traits and characteristics. The manufacturers and suppliers of lehengas in India manufacture bridal wear using various fabrics. These are silk, georgette, chiffon, satin, velvet, brocade, etc. Finding the right fabric for your bridal outfit includes considering your skin tone and body type. The season is also to be considered. You may opt for a velvet lehenga during the winter season.
  2. Right Colors: Colors also play a significant role when choosing bridal wear in India. Traditionally and usually, red color is common and famous for bridal lehengas. However, you may choose as per your style, preference and skin tone. These days, several other colors available are peach, maroon, pastel shades and golden.
  3. Embellishments and Embroidery: The bridal lehengas in India are anticipated to be too heavy. However, considering the embroidery, embellishment and bridal dress designs is required. It is best to choose elegant and sophisticated designs. The bridal dress manufacturers in India design bridal outfits using several types of embroidery like sequin work, dabka, gota, zari, etc. The latkans or the tassels also play an important role in accentuating the look and appeal.
  4. Body Type: Choosing your bridal dress per your body type is essential. The different patterns and styles flatter and complement the various body types. If you are straight in shape; provide the element of curves, such as puff sleeves and more gathers. And, if you have a curvy body, choosing straight attire is the best with basic necklines.

While choosing your wedding dress in India, you must consider all the above factors! Along with these, it is also best to try various lehengas to find the superbly suited. The bridal dress manufacturers in India design lehengas by keeping the latest trends and traditions in mind. So, make your bridal outfit selection an exciting experience by considering some essential factors.