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Scarves: Five Types of Must-Have Scarves for Women in India!

Looking for the must-have fashion accessory in your wardrobe? The first name that comes to mind is the several types of scarves! Scarves are the perfect blend of practicality, style and functionality. They have various applications, like protecting us from the sun heat and deepening or enhancing our style and fashion game. The manufacturers and suppliers of scarves in India design and create them using several fabrics. These may be silk, cotton, linen, pashmina, and many others. So, choosing one may be difficult of various types. Let us enumerate here some types of scarves. Pick your style from the count provided!

Types of Scarves for Ladies

Ready to know about several types of scarves? Then please stay connected and go through below:

  1. Silk Scarves: Silk Scarves possess high demand in the market, and ladies prefer to have one. These can be used in various ways, such as tying to your handbag or using over the dress in different styles and forms. The silk scarves manufacturers in India design them in multi-colors and plenty of colors and patterns. It is highly smooth and shiny and provides a luxurious feel.
  2. Woolen Scarves: There is always a need for some fashion accessories to protect from the chilly winter days that are too in style and not lacking behind in trends. Here comes the woolen scarves! These are sometimes hand-knitted also. The manufacturers and exporters of scarves in India design and manufacture them using wool like Angora wool, etc. So, ready to protect yourself from dropping temperatures? Find your best woolen scarf!
  3. Linen Scarves: Linen is the favorite fabric for many due to its utility and the way this material protects from humid and hot weather. Linen is made out of flax fibers. You may wrap up the linen scarf to get protection from rising temperatures. These scarves require high maintenance and care.
  4. Pashmina Scarves: Pashmina! The fabric is the favorite of most ladies in India! This fabric provides a luxurious, soft and soothing feel. The pashmina scarves manufacturers design and manufacture these scarves in printed, embroidered and many other varieties. There are various types of Pashmina shawls also available in India.
  5. Bandana Scarves: Last but not least! The Bandana Scarves cannot be missed when we consider using some scarf as a hair tie accessory like a scrunchie. These are available in several prints, patterns and designs.

Have you gone through the various types of scarves for women? However, there are various other types, such as Triangle Scarves, Square Scarves, Infinity Scarves, Wraps, Ponchos, etc. Find the best design and type manufactured by the scarves manufacturing companies in India and pick your style per the latest trends!