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Precision sintered products Precision sintered products
We are in business of sintered thrust washer, sintered camshaft bush, sintered thrust washer, sintered self lubricating bearing we also sell , industrial reduction gear boxes and worm reduction gear boxes., hydraulic piston pump, hydraulic lift assembly, hydraulic distributors, double flap valves and expansion joints etc., anti vibration mounting., mercedes gears, bedford gears, hino gears, automotive axle, sprockets, metal sprockets and precision metal sprockets etc., tooling fixtures., reduction gears, automotive gears, two wheeler gears, oil pump gears, sintered gears, sintered pump gears, gear shaper, slotting cutters, precision broaches, marine autopilots, fish finders and sound power telephones., steel reduction gears, reduction gearboxes and industrial reduction gearboxes., pinion gears, wheel shafts, spline shafts, industrial gears, spur gears and helical gears., industrial brass gears, corrosion resistant industrial gears, machining fixtures, fertilizer gearboxes and durable worm gearboxes. also supplies industrial valves, directional control valve, flexible exhaust couplings and flexible rubber couplings., precision gears, spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, resin pumps, molasses pumps, m-seal pumps, bevel gears, spiral bevel gears and industrial gears., helical gear boxes, bevel gear boxes and spiral bevel gears., c.i gears. also offers valve casting, lubricated plug valve, butterfly valve casting, industrial speed reducers, sprockets and heavy duty sprockets., counter steel gears, industrial loader gears and industrial counter gears., slitting lines, work rolls chocks, backup roll chocks and cold rolling mill spare parts., two wheeler gear parts and three wheeler gear parts and clutch parts., chain sprockets, automotive sprockets, motorcycle sprockets, straight gears, control gears, spur gears, cut edge belts, light duty belts, taper lock dual duty pulleys and timing pulleys., industrial rolling crane wheel and industrial crane wheels., slat conveyors and bucket elevators., windmill motor, starter panel, lab equipment., cast iron chain sprockets and reinforced polyamide drive sprockets., planetary geared motor and special application drives. also supplies indef hoist, electric hoist, chain electric hoist, spiral bevel gears, coupling, pulleys, spiral gears, worm gears, worm wheel gears and rack n pinion gears., starter drives, suspension drives and valve guides., automotive electrical pinion shafts, electrical pinion shafts and automotive pinion gears., forged automobile components, forged tractor components., piv gear boxes and hollow shaft gear box., massey ferguson, ford tractor., impact idler with bracket, gear couplings, metal gear couplings and precision gear couplings etc, conveyor system chain, sugar industry chains, api coupling and api eue tubbings couplings., front caliper kits and clutch cylinder kits etc., gearboxes assembly, industrial gearboxes, helical gear box, electrical reduction gears, motor gears and electrical motor gears., speed reducers, helical worm gears and worm gears., aluminum gear shift knobs, industrial gear shift knobs, screw knob and metal gear shift knobs etc., industrial reduction gear boxes and precision reduction gear boxes etc., worm reduction gear boxes, industrial gear boxes, shafts and chain sockets., bevel gear boxes, worm gear boxes, motor gear boxes, spur gears, worm wheels, customized worm wheels, gear train assemblies, terminal box with covers and gripper., tiller pto shafts, industrial shafts, agricultural shafts, iron gear boxes, industrial iron gear boxes and precision iron gear boxes etc., fabricated fly wheel ring gears, transmission gear, tractor transmission gears and precision engineered tractor transmission gears., spur gears, helical gears, helical gear, rotary indexers & positioning turntables, tv parts, entertainment tv parts, xerox machine spare parts, spur gears, spiral bevel gears and mitre gears. also offers helical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes., trucks gears, off road gears, marine gear, precision pinions gears, automotive precision gears, industrial automotive pinion gears and industrial transmitted gears., copper tubing components, engineered components, etc., battery operated pmdc motor, compact geared motor, worm gear box., cast steel spur gears and cast iron spur gears., cars gear, gears truck, gears for tractor, power transmission gear couplings and automotive gear couplings., motor worm gearbox along with butterfly valve, motorized butterfly valve and motorised valve., automotive sprockets and chain sprocket kit., precision engineered gear couplings and sturdy gear couplings., precision helical ground gears, precision spur ground gears and alloy steel worm gearboxes. also offers ac induction motors and mill duty induction motor., transmission gearboxes, machinery gearboxes, stainless steel gearboxes and high torque gearboxes., automotive warm wheel gear boxes and precision engineered worm wheel gear boxes., precision couplings, metal couplings, flash back arrestors, couplings, gear couplings, flexible gear couplings and steel gear couplings etc., bucket elevator and silent chain., worm gears, angular gears, hypoid gears, toothed gears, cs sprocket wheel, ss sprocket wheel and precision sprocket wheel., winch drive, bevel planetary gear boxes, track drive, shaft mounted gear, gear box, reduction gear, pistons, pins and bushes., brake s-camshaft & bevel gears., pinion gears, crown pinions used in sugar plants, coal mines, coupled gear box, hollow helical gear box and tube mill gear box., sintered iron bush and sintered bronze bush.

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