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Explaining the Types and Features of Power Steering Systems in Cars

The automotive industry in India has been growing rapidly and quickly! Thanks to the modernization and advancements in automotive technology! The biggest upgrade that has made its mark is power steering for cars in India. Initially, manual steering was manufactured by the manufacturers of automotive steering in India. The car steering experience was difficult with the manual steering. However, the power steering has made driving the vehicle easy for car enthusiasts. We will help you acquire knowledge about the various types of power steering and their traits or qualities.

Types of Power Steering Systems in Cars

Before manufacturing the power steering systems, there used to be manual steering systems. With them, there need to put all the strength and effort by the car driver. But with the power steering system, there is no need to put all the force into driving. It has made the entire driving experience easy and comfortable. Now, please go through below to find the types of power steering systems in cars:

  1. Hydraulic Power Steering: The automotive steering system manufacturing companies manufacture Hydraulic Power Steering. These were the first power steering systems introduced in the vehicles like cars. With this system, very less strength is required to steer the vehicle. It is because the pressurized fluid is supplied by the hydraulic pump to the steering rack. This fluid is always transferred to the steering’s opposite direction.
  2. Electric Power Steering: These days, most automotive steering system manufacturers manufacture Electric Power Steering. This system is highly helpful in increasing performance and efficiency. In this system, electrical energy is used to make the steering work easy and convenient. There is an attachment of the bi-directional magnet motor with the steering column.
  3. Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering: As the name indicates, this system is the amalgamation of the electric and hydraulic systems. The structure of this system comes in sync with the hydraulic system, but the electric motor is used for steering assistance.

Benefits and Advantages of the Power Steering System

In cars these days, usually the power steering system has been installed. After we understand their types as explained earlier, let us elaborate here on their uses and benefits:

  1. The steering becomes easy and convenient for the driver.
  2. There is no need to put much strength and effort into driving the car.
  3. The steering speed can be adjusted according to the road conditions.
  4. The resistance is not allowed to transfer to the steering column by the wheels.

In conclusion, the most effective power steering system manufactured by automotive steering system companies in India is the electric steering system. So, it’s best to understand the difference between all the power steering systems and their benefits to make an informed decision.