Blankets & Quilts

Blankets & Quilts

A Comprehensive Guide on the Types of Quilts!

Quilting has been prevalent for ages in India. Various quilting materials are available, and quilts manufacturers in India use several fabrics. Thus, choosing the right one may be complex and challenging. Some materials are natural, and some are man-made. Various types of quilts also exist. Please go through below to learn about them to have your quilt:

  • Wool Quilts: Wool as the fabric for the quilts is the insulating material. It’s durable and lasts for a long time. Since this fabric does not fray on cutting; hence, it can be cut into various patterns. The wool quilts are created using several qualities of wool. The quality of the wool signifies the coziness of these quilts.
  • Microfiber Quilts: These days, quilt manufacturing companies offer them using microfiber. Most of the modern and designer quilts are padded using it. These bedspreads may possess medium to maximum warmth. It depends upon the level of microfiber padding used in it. The key features of these quilts are that they are light in weight, soft and flexible.
  • Feather and Down Quilts: The Feather and Down Quilts consist of feather padding. These are best during winter as they offer the best warmth and cozy feel. These are also light in weight.
  • Cotton Quilts: Cotton Quilts are the most commonly used quilts. These may be customized as per your specific needs and requirements. Cotton is a breathable fabric. Hence, there is a need for thick cotton material in the winter.

Tips to Choose the Suitable Quilt for You!

Follow the below-mentioned tips while choosing the suitable quilt for you:

  • Material / Fabric: The quilt sellers in India offer them in different materials like wool, cotton, quilter linen, etc. Thus, considering the material is significant as each fabric possesses distinct characteristics. If you need a quilt for cold conditions, choose wool or heavy cotton as the material.
  • Size / Measure: The quilts are available in various sizes, such as double bed size, queen bed size, and single bed size. So, taking the measure is essential in determining the suitable bedspread.
  • Objective / Purpose: The aim or purpose of buying the quilt is also crucial in making the right decision. If you are looking for AC quilts or blankets, go for light cotton material or wool and microfiber quilts for winters.

The quilts brands in India offer them customized also. We hope you have gone through the above and feel comfortable making the right decision.