Home Textiles & Furnishings

The Home Textiles and Furnishings Industry in India has been growing and developing by leaps and bounds. The primary and major factor contributing to its expansion and development is the customers’ tendency toward online shopping. Did you know that, as per some reports, in January 2022, there were millions of social media and internet users? And, with the Home Textiles and Furnishings category segmentation, there is also a significant rise in the Home Furnishings Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Trade BRIO offers a B2B platform to the manufacturers and suppliers in this segment and connects them with the right buyers. This way, Trade BRIO has been working toward the growth and development of the businesses and enterprises in this niche and making them achieve their business goals. The Home Furnishing industry is very wide, including all the items required for the home décor, such as home textiles, carpets, rugs, bed sheets, quilts, blankets, towels, etc. Thus, the need for the Quilts is also fulfilled here to prevent oneself from the chilly winters or to do quilts business. The Best Quilts Manufacturers and Suppliers can also be found at the Trade BRIO. Various varieties of quilts exist, such as Patchwork Quilts, Velvet Quilts, Silk Quilts, Printed Quilts, Plain Quilts, Designer Quilts, Reversible Quilts, Machine Made Quilts, Handmade Quilts, and many others. And the manufacturers, traders, and sellers of all these kinds of quilts and blankets can be located at Trade BRIO. Carpet and Rugs add to the entire charm and appeal of the home décor. Investing in carpets is like a long-term investment. Thus, if you are looking for various varieties of carpets and rugs and are browsing for the leading and renowned Carpets and Rugs Manufacturers, then Trade BRIO is a one-stop destination for all your floor cloth business needs and requirements. Various varieties of floor cloths are there, such as Handmade Carpets, Machine Made Rugs, Persian Rugs, Antique Carpets, Wool Carpets, Round Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Jute Rugs, and many more. And the manufacturers and suppliers for these types of floor cloths can be traced at Trade BRIO. You may find exquisite designs of these carpets and rugs from the producers and manufacturers. Did you know the Indian home textiles market has grown over nine percent yearly? It is also estimated that India's Home Textiles Market is Rs 17 000 crores. So, there is a wide scope in this industry. Thus, Home Textiles Manufacturers have also been rising rapidly in India. Some foreign or international companies have also shown their presence and boosted market growth. In addition, customers are also spending more on fulfilling their home décor needs.